BRM- 135

Manufacturer: 張圳雄

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Floor Type Boring Machines BRM- 135

 Floor Type Boring Machines BRM-135


● High Power Spindle

Variable speed and high torque are a function of the 22kw AC motor (30 min. rating).
For the spindle bearings, super precision, highly rigid tapered roller bearings are employed. These bearings ensure high precision and high rigidity of the spindle with minimal heat generation. The machine is equipped with a cooling device for the lubricant inside the headstock.
The spindle nose is a 7/24 taper No. 50.

● High Positioning Accuracy through CAD designed rib casting.

For the vertical travel of headstock, the spindle travel and the quill feed, high quality ball screws are used. All sliding surfaces are automatically lubricated at key    points.
-The clamps for headstock vertical travel, column cross traverse, and quill travel are heavy-duty hydraulic type.
-The major structural members are box-shaped with best possible arrangements of ribs with a large cross-sectional area, providing highest rigidity long-term  accuracy and precision.

● High Precision Slideways

The mating surfaces of the moving units are coated with a special fluorine resin, and forced-lubricated so that the system for slide ways offers minimum friction     resulting in high precision which will be maintained over a long period of time, this ensures a very smooth feed stroke even at low speeds without stick/slip.

 ● Rotary Table -CRT Series 

The bed slide way is hardened and ground, and equipped with an automatic lubricating system.
NC-controlled, the saddle feed (V-axis) is driven by high-precision ball screw.
With the rotation of the rotary-table indexed to every 90 degrees controlled by the M-command.The digital read-out counter is standard equipment calibrated to 1 minute.


  Description BRM-135P  BRM-135QF  BRM-150QF
Spindle Main Motor (30min/cont.) kw (HP) AC 45/37 (60/50) AC 30/22 (40/30)  AC 45/55 (60/73)
Spindle Speed  rpm / min 5-2500  5-2000  3-1500
Spindle Tapper   ISO-50/BT-50  ISO-50/BT-50  ISO-50/BT-50
Spindle Diameter mm(in) Ø135 (5.31)  Ø135 (5.31)  Ø150 (5.91)
Spindle End Diameter mm(in) Ø 215 (8.46)  Ø 215 (8.46)  Ø250 (9.84)
Quill Diameter(Z Axis) mm(in) Ø 380 (14.96)  Ø380 (14.96)
Max. Spindle Torque Nm(kgm) (ft, lbs) 3227 3227 4900
Max. Spindle Thrust N(kgf), (ft,lbf) 29400(6600)  29400(6600)  29400(6600)
Travel X Axis (Column Cross Travel) mm(in) 2000-6000:Ball screw
Above 6000:Rack
Y Axis (Spindle Vertical Travel) mm(in) 2000(79)、2500(98)、3000(118)、3500(138)
W Axis (Spindle Travel) mm(in) 700(27.6)  700(27.6) 900(35.4)
Z Axis (Quill Travel) mm(in) 350(13.8)  400(15.7)
Spindle Total Travel (W+Z) mm(in) 700(27.6)  1050( 41)  1300(51.1)
Feed Rate X / Y axis mm/min(in/min) 6000(236)  6000(236)  6000(236)
V / W axis mm/min(in/min) 4000(157)  4000(157)  4000(157)
Quill Feed mm/min(in/min) 1-3000(0.04~118)  1-3000(0.04~118)

Rotary Table (CRT-Series)

Description CRT-18/20B  CRT-20/25B
Table Size  mm(in) 1,800×2,000 (70×78)  2,000×2,500 (78×98)
Table Rotating Maximum Dia ψ mm(in) 2,565 (101)  2,970 (117)
Saddle Traverse (V Axis)  mm(in)  1,000 (39)  1,500 (59)
Work Table Max. Loading Weight Kg (lb)  12,000 (26,400)  20,000 (44,000)
Work Table Rotation Speed  min-1(rpm)  0.8 0.8
Saddle Cutting Feed  mm/min (in/min)  1~3,000 (0.04~118) 1~3,000 (0.04~118)
Saddle Rapid Traverse  mm/min (in/min)  6,000 (236) 6,000 (236)
Max. Thrust  N (kgf/lbf)  19,600 (2,000/4,410)  29,400 (3,000/6,615)
Electric Power Source Capacity  KVA  14 14
Machine Size mm(in) 3,650×2,560×750(143×101×30) 4,920×3,110×925(194×122×36)
Work Table Weight (est.)  kg (lb)  8,500 (18,700)  15,000 (33,000)
T-slot  Pitch × number 185×9 200×9



Automatic Tool Changer (Optional Accessory) 
ATC Capacity  40/60/90
Tool Shank  MAS 403 BT-50
Pull Stud  MAS 403 P50T-1
Tool Weight  25kg
Max. Tool Length  300mm
Max. Tool Diameter  Ф125mm(Ф250mm)