SKU: SRTA-170  /   Manufacturer: 旭本國際精密機械有限公司

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-Easy To Adjust Backlash
-Positioning Accuracy Ensured
-Extra Large Radial/ Axial Bearing

Japanese Made Worm/ Worm Gear

High Positioning Accuracy!

Long Service Life!

The rotary table employs the Japan-imported worm/ worm gear, featuring high accuracy, maximum wear-resistance and long service life.

Easy To Adjust Backlash

Positioning Accuracy Ensured

Easy To Adjust Backlash

After the worm/worm gear set has been operated for a long time, excessive backlash between both may occur. It may affect the positioning accuracy of the rotary table. When this occurs, simply adjust the worm for reducing backlash, then the rotary table will return to its normal positioning accuracy.




Accuracy Test Report For

Japan-imported Worm/ Worm Gear



Extra Large Radial/ Axial Bearing

The rotary table is fitted with extra large radial/ axial bearing, providing outstanding load resistant capability in radial and axial directions. In addition, the rotary table features high rigidity and minimum deformation.

Rigidity is 2~3 times greater than that of conventional bearings.



Full Circumference Brake No Runout. No Displacement

By applying the hydraulic power to clamp the entire circumference, the table runout problem can be avoided.

Unlike the conventional disk brake, the full circumference brake provides greater clamping force and no vibration, ensuring high machining accuracy of the machine.



Table diameter mm Ø170 Ø210 Ø250
Center hole diameter mm Ø40H7 Ø40H7 Ø40H7
Through-hole diameter mm Ø40 Ø40 Ø40
Height of center (vertical) mm 135 160 160
Height of table (horizontal) mm 153 153 153
T-slot width of table mm 12H7 12H7 12H7
Width of guide block mm 18h7 18h7 18h7
Min. increment deg. 0.001 0.001 0.001
Indexing accuracy arc. sec. 20 20 20
Repeatability arc. sec. 4 4 4
Clamping method (air pressure) kg/cm² 5 ~ 7 5 ~ 7 5 ~ 7
Clamping torque kg-m 20 20 20
Servo motor model FANUC Taper shaft with key α4i / ß8is α4i / ß8is α4i / ß8is
Mitsubishi Taper-shaft / Straight shaft HF-54 /104 HF-54 /104 HF-54 /104
Speed reduction ratio - 1 : 90 1 : 90 1 : 90
Max. table speed (Fanuc & motor) rpm 44.4 44.4 44.4
Allowable load inertia capa. (horiz.)² 5.4 8.3 11.7
Allowable workpiece load Vertical kg 85 85 85
With tailstock kg 160 160 160
Horizontal kg 160 160 160
Allowable load
(Rotary table clamped)
F kgf 1450 1450 1450
F x L kgf.m 100 100 100
F x L kgf.m 20 20 20
Allowable cutting torque kg.m 18 18 18
Weight (motor excluded) kg 50 57 59

The specifications, dimensions and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.