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Featuring high rigidity and high precision, EM-1650 CNC vertical machining centers was designed to enhance structural rigidity and accuracy, so as to build a machine with maximum dependability in operational performance and cutting capabilities

The SY EM-1650 CNC vertical machining center are designed to improve stability,rigidity and accuracy, so as to build a machine with maximum dependability in operational performance and cutting capabilities.


● Machine base is a heavily ribbed box-type Meehanite casting, providing maximum rigidity and machining stability.
● Extended base ensures fully support
● Over-sized column structure
● Large sized roller type linear ways
● Over-sized ball screw
● Meehanite Cast Iron, deformation free


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Slideway Type   Roller type linear motion guides
Table Sizes mm 1700 x 930 1400 x 765
T-Slots (No. x/dist. x W) mm 5 x 150 x 22 6 x 125 x 18 (22)
Max. Table Load kg 2500 1300
Max. Spindle Speed (std.) rpm 4000 8000 4000 8000
Spindle Speed Change   Two-step Variable Two-step Variable
Spindle Nose Taper   BT-50 BT-40
I.D of Spindle Bearing   90
Spindle Cooling   Independent cooling
Spindle Head Transmission   Gear Direct-drive Gear Direct-drive
3 axes Rapid Traverse Rates M/min 18/ 18/ 18
3 axes Linear Ways mm 3 axes x 55 x 6 blocks X,Z x 55 x 6 blocks, Y x 55 x 4 blocks
3 axes Transmission   Direct-drive
Cutting Feed rate mm/min 12000
Manual Jog Feed Rates M/min 4 (20 Step)
X-axis Travel mm 1650 1350
Y-axis Travel mm 860 700
Z-axis Travel mm 800 700
Distance from Spindle Nose to Table mm 150 100
Distance from Spindle Center to Linear Way on Column mm 960 790
ATC (Auto Tool Changer)
Tool Shank Type   MAS BT/ DIN/ CAT
Pull Stud Type   MAS BT/ DIN/ CAT
Tool Loading Capacity (Std.) pcs 24
Max. Tool Diameter mm 125
Max. Tool Weight kg 15 / 25 15 / 20
Max. Tool Length mm 400 300
Max. Tool Dia. (Without Adjacent Tool) mm 150
Tool Change Time (Tool to Tool) sec 2.8
Tool Change Time ( Chip to chip) sec 3.9
Tool Selection   Bi-directional shortest route
3 Axes Motors (Fanuc)
Spindle Power (Cont./30min) (Std.) kw 15 / 18.5 11 / 15
3 axes Motors (X/Y/Z) kw 4 / 4 / 7 4 / 3 / 4
Cutting Fluid Pump Motor (50HZ) kw 0.75
Cutting Fluid Pump Motor (60HZ) kw 0.75
Chip Flushing Pump (Coolant gun) kw 0.75
Power Source
Power Source Required KVA 40 30
Air Souce Mpa. l/ min 0.6
Coolant Tank Capacity L 554 428
Controller   Fanuc / Mitsubishi / Siemens / Heidenhain
Machine Dimensions
Machine Weight kg 16850 13950
Accuracy(Accuracy tested in a well conditioned room)
Positioning Accuracy mm 0.009
Repeatability mm 0.006


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