AG-8050 Vertical Grinder

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AG-8050 Vertical Grinder

AG-8050 Vertical Grinder 


● The guide user-friendly control system
● The Mitsubishi M70 controller is with guide user-friendly control panel frame. The operator can easily be guided to use different kinds of grinding modes when need to arrange the grinding program.
● Electric cabinet
● Electric components are with high quality and meet CE norms to make sure work stability. It equips with head exchanger to control in normal temperature.
● Right side (Z axis) grinding wheel spindle
● Use 10,000rpm spindle and drive by Mitsubishi spindle motor SJ-PF11-01(B112F). Spindle interior cooling system is oil-cool type. Tool holder is BBT.50 Type. It is easy to change tools by using ATC for expending functional grinding process.
● Left side (B axis) grinding wheel spindle
Use motor built-in type 30,000 rpm spindle and cooling system is oil-cool type. With independent slider movement, it is easily for smaller diameter grinding process and help to meet the requirement for internal & external grinding.
● Touch probe system
● Equip in the tool holder BBT. 50 and put in ATC, it can easily use the grinding spindle as a standard to measure & modify the workpiece home position at the same time.
● Hydraulic Slide dressing device
● During grinding process, this hydraulic slide dressing device can move to interior position. Only when need to dress the wheel, just move it to the dressing position. ● This helps to expend the grinding wheel working space. It can also equip the Diamond roller type dressing device (Optional).
● Auto. tool change system (ATC)
● Equip with 6 nos. tool stands & use tool holder BBT. 50 type, it is easy to equip the suitable grinding wheels at the same time. The auto. tool change system helps to change different grinding wheels easily and can reach the best grinding efficiency.



Model   AG-8050
Internal Grinding Range mm Ø70 ~ Ø700
Max. External Grinding Diameter mm Max. Ø700
Z axis Max. External Grinding Length mm 500
Z axis Max. Internal Grinding Length mm Ø70 ~ Ø270 = 325 Ø270 ~ Ø700 = 500
Max. Workpiece Swivel mm Ø800
Max. Workpiece Length mm 600 (including clamping fixture)
Max. Workpiece Load kgs 850
X axis Longitudinal Traverse mm 1000
Z axis Vertical Traverse mm 650
Grinding Spindle    
Z axis External Grinding wheel Spindle Speed rpm 1000~8000
Z axis External Grinding Wheel Diameter mm Ø100 ~ Ø200
Z axis External Grinding Wheel Nose Hole Type   BBT.50
Z axis Internal Grinding Wheel Diameter mm Ø50 ~ Ø150
Z axis Internal Grinding Wheel Spindle Nose Hole Type   BBT. 50
Work Table    
Work Spindle Speed rpm 12~200
Work Table Size (Face Plate) mm Ø800
Screw Nut size for T-Groove   M20
Work Chuck Size (Optional) mm Ø450 (18")
X/Z axis rapid traverse M/min 10
X/Z axis cutting speed mm/min 0~6000
X/Z micro movement / each circle mm 0.1, 1.0, 10
X/Z micro movement / each graduation mm 0.001, 0.01, 0.1
X/Z axis min. setting unit mm 0.001
X/Z axis guideway type   Linear Guideway
Auto Wheel Change Number pcs 6
Storeroom Type   Round Plate Stand Type
Wheel Spindle Nose Tool Holder Type   BBT.50
Wheel Auto Change Type   X/Z axis servo movement
External Griding Wheel Spindle Motor kw 7.5
Work Spindle Motor kw 7.5
Coolant Pump Motor kw 2.6
Dressing Device Hydraulic Pump Motor kw 0.75
Lubrication System Motor w 20
Tank Capacity    
Hydraulic Oil Tank L 24
Auto Electric Lubricator Tank L 6
Oil Cooler Tank L 15
Pneumatic Tank L 30
Coolant Tank L 500
Power Supply    
Power   45KVA
Machine Dimensions    
L X W X H mm 3500 x 3200 x 3600
Net Weight kgs 14000
Control System mm  
Model kg Mitsubishi

Standard Accessories:

1. Fully enclosed splash guard. 1 set
2. CNC controller Mitsubishi M70 with PC-NC conversation software. 1 set
3. Single point diamond dresser. 1 set
4. Hydraulic oil lubricator system. 1 set
5. Coolant system. 1 set
6. Electric system. 1 set
7. Full-close loop digital scale. 1 set
8. Tools and Tools box. 1 set
9. 2000 ~ 10,000 R.P.M. Spindle. for Model:8060/8060D 1 set
10. 10,000 ~ 30,000 R.P.M. Built-in Spindle. for Model:8060D 1 set
11. Oil coller system for wheel spindle. 1 set
12. ATC system (Auto. Tool Change system, Max install 6 Tools). 1 set
13. Standard BBT.50 Tool. 4 sets
14. 800mm Face plate. 1 set


Optional Accessories:

1. BBT.50 Tool (Individual design)
2. Touch probe
3. Built-in type Grinding wheel spindle (30,000 ~ 75,000 R.P.M.)
4. Diamond roller dressing device 
5. Oil mist collector
6. Magnetic coolant separator
7. Paper filter
8. Oil skimmer
9. Gap control
10. Workpiece clamping fixture


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