NC Radial Drilling Machine

Manufacturer: AMADA WASINO

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NC Radial Drilling Machine
RDM-1300NCH / RDM-1600NCH / RDM-2000NCH


1. 10" touch screen

2. Allow changing spindle speed and feed rate at any time during operation.

3. The depth of drilling and drilling can be set and memorized by NC system.

4. Spindle motor has torque load setting for safety protection.

5. Friendly operation by using easy and simple symbols on the touch screen.

6. Can be connected to rotary table for automatic continuously drilling operation.



                                                                                      /  Unit:mm 

ITEM            /      MODEL RDM-1300NCH RDM-1600NCH RDM-2000NCH
Capacity Drilling Steel 55 55 80
Cast iron 66 70 100
Tapping Steel M50 M50 M60
Cast iron M60 M60 M70
Boring  Steel 100 126 126
Cast iron 160 186 186
Spindle stroke 250 300 400
Size of morse taper 5 5 6
Spindle speed H.L variable speed by inverter
H.L variable speed by inverter
H.L variable speed by inverter
Spindle  feeds DC motor
1-600mm/min distance
DC motor
1-600mm/n in distance
DC motor
1-600mm/min distance
Column diameter11 300 336 480
Max.distance,column surface spindle center 1250 1600 2000
Min.distance, column surface spindle center 330 400 420
Horizontal travel of headstock 915 1310 1550
Max.distance,base to spindle 1210 1410 1800
Min.distance,base to spindle 290 260 550
Overall height of column 2160 2410 2970
Machine height from floor 2585 3150 3400
Dimensions of base (LxMxK 1800x800x170 2350x920x220 2900x1200x250
Effective area of table (RxSxT 650x500x410 800x540x400 800x540x400 (equalx 2pcs)
Spindle drive motor (HP 5HP6P 5HP6P 15HP
Arm elevation motor (HP 2HP 2HP 2HP
Coolant pump (HP 1/8HP 1/8HP 1/4HP
Oil motor (HP 1HP 1HP 1HP
lnverter 7.5HP 7.5HP 20HP
Touching control screen 10" 10" 10"
Net weight-approx(kg 2150kgs 3150kgs 7200kgs
Gross  weight-approx(kg 2250kgs 3250kgs 8000kgs
Measurement(LxWxH 2290x1100x2230 2850x1210x2540 3110x1450x3300

All specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.No notice further All the sizes with 士 5% inaccuracy.