SKU: SJH10H  /   Manufacturer: 镇鸿

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High Positioning Accuracy of Feed Servo Motor Drive
Shortened Distance between Clamps and Cutting Path
Human-Machine Interfacing Control

High Positioning Accuracy of Feed Servo Motor Drive

  The feed system is driven by a high precision servo motor, which exhibits outstanding features, such as fast motion and high positioning accuracy. This results in high accuracy of cutting sizes.

 Shortened Distance between Clamps and Cutting Path

  The pressure beam is specially designed. The pressure plates on the pressure beam have slots allowing clamps close to cutting path.

  Minimum distance between clamp and cutting path is 41mm. the benefit is you get full utilization of panel and reduced material waste.

Human-Machine Interfacing Control

  The machine employs PLC control combined with touch-sensing screen, providing easy operation for operator. 


Cutting lengh 3150 mm 3750 mm
Cutting thickness 120mm 120mm
Main motor 25HP(Opt. 30HP) 25HP(Opt. 30HP)
Saw carriage drive motor 3HP 3HP
Feeding motor 1.5 Kw (SERVO) 1.5 Kw (SERVO)
Cutting speed 5~70m/min 5~70m/min
Feed speeds(variable) 70m/min 70m/min
Floating motor 5HP 5HP
Floating table 600X1500 mm x 3 sets 600X1500 mm x4 sets
Side pressure motor 200w 200w
Main sawblade 455mm(Blade diameter) 455mm(Blade diameter)
75mm (Arbor diameter) 75mm (Arbor diameter)
3720rpm (Speed) 3720rpm (Speed)
Scoring sawblade 210mm (Blade diameter) 210mm (Blade diameter)
40mm (Arbor diameter) 40mm (Arbor diameter)
6220 rpm (Speed) 6220 rpm (Speed)
Air pressure 7 kg/cm2 7kg/cm2
Dimensions 5865x5920x1950mm 6465x6520x1950mm
Packing size 20' container 40' container